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5th-8th Grade

Spring has finally sprung and the 5-8 classrooms are filled with a sense of awe and joy as the days warm and Easter approaches. Sing praises to the Lord, the snow is gone!

Math skills continue to grow, just like the grass, as students learn about congruent shapes, translations and graphing shapes in 8th grade Math. 7th grade Math students are digging in to square roots and Pythagorean Theorem. Pre-Algebra students are raining in knowledge of circumference, radius, rotation and reflection; oh how full their minds are


6th grade Math students are splashing in integers and graphing them in their sleep. 5th grade students are planting fractions, proper and improper, and subtracting them to share with classmates everywhere!

5th-6th grade History students are “traveling the roads” of Iowa as they learn about our great state’s history, resources, and points of interest. If you want to take a fun Sunday drive, ask a 5-6 where’s a fabulous place to travel?

7th-8th History students are plowing through the industrial revolution! As they’ve laid tracks across the U.S., they’ve experienced the joy of assembly line work, the right to peacefully assemble and the right to protest.  Our country is truly a great blessing!

All 5-8 students are cultivating their research and writing skills as they have delved into individual topics of interest, created outlines, crafted essays and will be presenting their new acquired knowledge. Spring is a time to show how their writing skills have grown!

Science is helping students grow in knowledge of the human body. The miracles of the body’s brain, nervous system, five senses and everything that make unique and wonderfully made!

Students continue to grow in the Word of God. They have been learning how Jesus taught through parables (a short story that teaches a lesson or principle). We continue to learn lessons from the same parables Jesus used today!

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