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5th - 8th Grade - April

Digital Painting - By Davin Meyers

For thousands of years, humans have been creating art. Art is something that nearly everyone is drawn to, and although the materials and methods used to create it have

changed throughout the years, the idea of it has remained the same.

Digital painting is the most recent evolution of art. In a nutshell, it is the use of computer software and electronic drawing tablets to simulate real art utensils, such as pens and markers - not necessarily just paint. Most people who paint digitally instead of traditionally do so because it is easier to edit and share digital paintings than traditional ones.

Along with being a hobby, digital painting can also be a career. A bachelor’s degree is recommended for a career in digital painting, but it’s not always a requirement. Artistic skills and familiarity with painting software are considered more important. The only supplies needed are a computer, drawing tablet, and painting software.

Careers in digital painting range from creating concept art for movies to illustrating graphic novels. Because digital paintings can be easily shared, most careers in it can be done remotely.

Digital painting as a career is a fairly recent idea, since it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that computers became powerful enough to run decent painting software. Thankfully, it will probably be around for a while because of its convenience and multiple uses.

Creating art is an important part of our history, and digital painting provides a new way

of doing that. It doesn’t require very many supplies, being good at it opens up a whole

new variety of career options, and if nothing else, it’s a good skill.

IOWA CHILD - By Addie Tungesvik

I am an Iowa child

From the smooth dirt fields of Iowa

Comes the corn and beans

Eat them up to show your love

For the food and God above

Yes, I am an Iowa child

When you hear the rushing rivers

In the end it all delivers

Good fish and fun

From the Iowa lakes will run

All the parks and land outside

It will take you on a ride

Animals and Forests

You might hear a chorus

I am an Iowa child

But no matter what

I am who I am

An Iowa child

And that is enough

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