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5th - 8th Grade - April 2022

Fifth Grade Homeroom students are studying The Commandments: the Second Table of the Law in Religion. They will come to understand that these laws are designed to help protect and guide us in our relationships with others while emphasizing that the death and resurrections of Jesus Christ are what justifies us, while the Holy Spirit works to sanctify us. Students are memorizing the 3rd Article as well.

In grades 5-8 Language Arts, the students are finishing up their grammar unit on pronouns and prepositional phrases.

In Writing, students are beginning their research projects. 6-8th grade students will complete research in conjunction with the Social Studies topics on World War 1 and various United States Presidents.

In Reading, students are learning how to evaluate non-fiction material and locate and navigate the research section of a library. Students are finishing up their study of academic vocabulary. Word study encompasses a variety of levels from within word spelling patterns to derivational relationships found when breaking down the word parts of multisyllabic words.

We could tell you sentence after sentence about life in 6-8th grade, or we could write a big long list of our activities such as: Surrealistic art, grammar, micro-bit programming, grammar, WW1, grammar, Newton’s laws of motion, grammar, precents, grammar, polynomials, grammar, linear equation graph… blah blah blah… Instead, try your hand at a 6-8th grade content test. Ready set go!

1. In our recent musical, the Pied Piper, the City of Hamlintown was infested with ________. A. Fleas B. Rats C. Sparrows

2. What place did our 5-7th grade volleyball team earn at the IDW tournament?

A. 5th place B. 3rd place C.1st place

3. During which war were new weapons such as submarines, poisonous gas, warplanes, and tanks introduced?

A. Civil War B. WWI C. Revolutionary War

4. According to Newton’s 1st law of motion, an object at rest and an object in motion both oppose forces that might cause acceleration, this is called _________.

A. potential energy B. inertia C. friction

5. According to Newton’s 3rd law of motion, Force = Mass X _____________.

A. work B. acceleration C.change in velocity

6. Simple machines may magnify or reduce the forces that can be applied to them, they do not change the total amount of _______ needed to perform the task.

A.newtons C.power

7. Which of the following is a Belgian surrealist painter?

A.Michelangelo B.Rene Magritte C.George Seurat

8. What is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding?

A.Oochigami B. Origami C. Kirigami

11. What is a micro-bit hummingbird? insect size hummingbird B. A programmable device useful in coding C.a robotic bird

12. Which of the following equations is written in slope intercept form?

A.Y-Y1= M(X-X1) B. y=mx+b C.Ax+By=C

13. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

A. John 3:16 B. Romans 5:8 C.Mark 10:21

If you answered A to all of the above, you are …….. Incorrect!

If you answered B to all of the above… you are…. Correct! Well done!

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