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5th - 8th Grade - February 2022

Fifth Grade Homeroom has begun their religion study titled, Liturgy and Life. This month they will be learning about Confession and Absolution, the Office of the Keys, liturgical worship, Lutheran hymnody, and how to thank and praise God wherever we are. They are memorizing the 6th Petition of the Lord’s Prayer this month.

In grades 5-8 Language Arts, the students have completed their grammar unit on adjectives and modifiers. In the next few weeks they will extend their knowledge concerning the mechanics of the English language.

In Writing, students have begun to explore current events to identify an author’s purpose for writing with a focus on opinion and persuasion.

In Reading, students are midway through their novels and will be evaluating the relationship between the story events and the climax. At this stage, they are recognizing how the author uses the events in the story to build up the character’s conflict and the breaking point from which they will need to resolve. Students will focus some of their vocabulary instruction to explore how authors use character traits to define a subject and how that relates to themselves. Further recognizing the impact on others' perception and response. Students continue to progress through Academic Vocabulary and their individualized word study units.

The Ocean Blue

By: Jackson Metcalf

Needles and pins Needles and pins

Sew me a sail to catch me the wind

Sew me a sail Strong as a gale

Carpenter bring out your hammers and nails

Hammers and nails Hammers and nails

Build me a boat to go chasing the whales

Chasing the whales Sailing the blue

Find me a captain and sign me a crew

Captain and crew Captain and crew

Take me oh take me somewhere new

Somewhere new somewhere new

Boy do I love the ocean blue

Ocean blue Ocean blue

Maybe we’ll find something new

Something new something new

Maybe we’ll find an old sunken shoe

We were told We were told

I think I remember what we were told

To get home and get some rest

And let our captain and crew do the rest

Now we're home now were home

What's that ringing at the phone

It's our captain jack He wants us back

He says to get here and do not slack

Were off at last Whos that climbing up the mast

We’ll sail the ship again.

The World's Kitchen

by; Jayleigh Kope

Welcome to the kitchen

What do you think?

A bunch of happy children

who can't wait

There are burger,

the fries, and the milkshakes,

How can I help you today?

There are potatoes,


and a great big steak,

and the rice sounds great!


By Olivia Halverson


Painful, fun, happy

Distracting, piercing, disheartening, unnerving

Eerie, fright, pindrop



by: Bethany Van Dyke

mysterious, unknown,

approaching, talking, thinking,

unfamiliar, ally, together, familiar

rusting, smiling, laughing,

kind, energetic friend

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