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5th - 8th Grade - January

What Trinity Means to Me

By : Kira Majak

Trinity is a school but to me, Trinity is more than just a school. Trinity is also a place

of learning, friendship, and God.

At Trinity, we learn many things. The subjects are fun, engaging, and in at least

every class I laugh. We are encouraged by teachers and are pushed to be better people.

Our teachers are positive and keep us going. Can you imagine the horror our classes would

be without teachers? Nope and I don’t want to either.

Trinity is a place to learn about and worship God. We could be eating, working, talking, or just waiting, all knowing God is a top priority at this school. God is what we all have

in common here at Trinity. I do not just have school here; I have a place to show faith in

Christ. I’ve gone to public school and I can say that God doesn’t even come up in

conversations, in some places it's offensive to talk about your religion because other people

may not have the same views. (Students, don’t take it for granted.)

Speaking of other schools, none of them can top the students here. All the kids here are

pretty funny and easy to get along with. I may be a little biased but it’s true. Almost all of the

students here are good-natured and kindhearted. No one in my class is unwelcoming orprickly (unless they’re having a bad day), they're -almost- always happy. I am friends

with most of my classmates, teachers, and kids in other grades.

Since I mentioned the students here, a great way to make friends is the sports here. I wouldn’t know my friends as well as I do without playing sports with them. The sports

here are fun and a perfect way to practice teamwork. In addition to teamwork, playing

these sports have helped me to collaborate more with others. Even if you're not the best at

sports nobody will judge you, and if someone is judging you they won’t say it out loud


This year Trinity has just started the Student of The Month. The way to receive this award is by showing Crusader P.R.I.D.E. (Patience, responsibility, integrity, determination, encouragement). The student of the month is a great example of the citizens here at Trinity and the expectations of the citizens. We have had only six students, but I know we’ll have many more to come.

As a student, athlete, and Christian here at Trinity, I can say that this school is the best

I’ve been to. Trinity has helped me grow as a person. It has made me more outgoing. (You

know, Trinity should just use this paper for promotional purposes. I mean slap it on a billboard and we’ll have an influx of students here as it’s the best!) Anyway, Trinity to me, is

a school, a people, a place of religion. All of those things are what makes Trinity special

and great.

What Trinity Means to Me!

By Jaidyn

I love how at Trinity the teachers spend more individual time with each student. For example, we have a lot of tutors to help the students and they are all super nice. My math

teacher is also our principle and she works so hard and still does so many fun things! When

people understand what they’re doing, they get to play fun math games. Also if you’re advanced in math you can go up a grade like I'm in 6th grade, but I’m in 7th-grade math!

We also get to have fun when we are not learning. The teachers have fewer students than

at the public schools so they can teach a lot of things, and still have extra time to play games. That is super fun! Sometimes we can watch movies, act out parts of what we’re learning, or just play games. Some of the games are on our computers, we also play physical games like ping pong or escape rooms. I also like how we are allowed to have free time! Free time is when other students are working and you’re finished you can do art, listen to music, or play games on your Chromebook! They provide Chromebooks for students from 3rd to 8th grade. When you get in 5th grade you get to take them home. This is fun for every student!

Also, in 5th through 8th grade we only have 5 teachers, so we don’t have to travel around a

large school, that's part of the reason why I like it. I also like staying with the same people all day, which is why our class has such a strong bond. I have known almost every student for a long time. For example, I have known Tyson and Cooper since preschool, Cale since 2nd grade, and Kayleigh since 3rd grade. We haven't been separated since.

Another fun thing is we don’t always have assignments on paper. We do it in class

or even act it out. The subjects that we have are Social Studies, English, Spelling, Reading,

Religion, Math, Spanish, Art, Choir, Boost, Music, and Science. Mrs. Satre teaches

Science, Mrs. Seeman teaches Reading, Spelling, Boost, and English, Mrs. Yox teaches

Choir and Music, Mr. Gustafson teaches Social Studies, and Miss S. teaches Religion, Art and Math.

Trinity also means a lot to me because if we didn’t have Trinity we would have to go to a

public school. Trinity is a Christian school. It is good that it is a Christian school because we

get to learn about Jesus, God and our faith. We also get to pray which is a big deal,

because at public schools you cannot pray as a whole group. Also, on Wednesdays, we go to chapel, which is a short church service. Also more than just bonding with our class, we get to have chapel buddies. Chapel buddies are younger students that we get to sit with and lead. In chapel, our buddies include classes from preschool through 8th grade. We get

paired with people between those grades. Once a year each class gets one opportunity to

lead the chapel service which is pretty cool!

We have two Cooks, their names are Mrs. Halverson and Vicki (my Grandma). Mrs. Halverson is the Head Cook, She puts in her hardest effort just to please us. She and

Vicki make an excellent team. Their food is delicious. On Fridays Mrs. Halverson makes us

a delicious dessert, which could be anything from apple crisp to cookies! Vicki also takes a

long time each day washing lots of dishes.

That is what Trinity means to me!!

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