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5th - 8th Grade - March

Prior to spring break, students were provided pictures and the opportunity to write about “The Best” or “The Strangest” spring break ever. Little did we know when we embarked on this fun creative writing experience that COVID-19 would become a pandemic, the stock market would take a dive, we would be embarking on distance learning and limited person to person contact--quite possibly the strangest spring break for all of us.

“Do not be afraid.” (Mathew 1:20) We will turn our fear of “not being able to handle” the unknown, sickness, death, unemployment, and extended time with family to an opportunity to grow closer to Christ. Jesus, with your help, I can knock my fears down to size and deal with them!

During this time we will stay connected through technology but most importantly through Faith. “He will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” (Job 8:21)

Sharing laughter is a place to start! Enjoy a humorous spring break creative writing story courtesy of 7th grade student, Kira Majak.

Squirrel Surprise This is it… I'm a goner. I'm writing this so my beloved family might one day know what has happened to their wonderful Ember. Let me recap: I was just walking around the docks eating my ice cream, minding my own business. I walked toward the edge of the docks and looked out at the ocean, totally lost in my thoughts.

A strange noise reached my ears and I looked around for it's source. It was coming from the woods. The sound was a low beat that boomed as if it were some average everyday pop music. As I stared at the edge of the woods I saw what looked like a tail to a small mammal. I had nothing better to do so I walked to the border of the woods and looked into the trees.

At first I saw nothing at all, but a pretty big mushroom caught my eye. It wasn't necessarily the mushroom that was out of the ordinary, but the tiny sign tied to the mushroom. It said, Party west. Of course I followed it. And what did I find to my surprise? Gathered around a giant pot was about fifty squirrels. And when they heard me they all turned in unison we stared at each other for a few seconds and then they attacked.

Remember that scene in Charlie and the Chocolate factory when that really rude girl was attacked by those squirrels. Just imagine that but with waaaaay more animals. That is what happened. So here I am. Stuck in a hollow with only this pencil and journal. No idea what's going to happen to me. This is the worst spring break ever. Send help. . .

The craziest thing happened. After that last entry the animals came back for me. They started to lead me away, I thought they were going to set me free at first, but that was definitely not the case. They dragged me back to their little gathering and made me get into that giant pot. The pot had a whole bunch of water and acorns inside it, that was so gross. I had no idea where this was going… and then I realized I was in a pot with water and acorns. The squirrels were going to try to COOK me.

At that moment I had another stunning realization. I wasn't bound up and these were a bunch of squirrels. They couldn’t keep me, a twelve year old human being, hostage no matter how many animals there were. I dashed out of that pot as fast as I could. I made it back home safely. Never to see those squirrels again. And that's on my crazy spring break.

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