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5th - 8th Grade - November

Practicing skills that show

Our minds doing facts all aglow




And multiplying!

Fraction days and homework nights

Math sheets and pencils, they’re alright

Sounds of thinking you will find

Many answers tried in our minds

Thomas Hooker, Sir Lord Baltimore & William Penn

Early Colonist fill our journals with notes we’ve


Plymouth Colony & Pilgrim’s struggle

We’re so thankful we don’t have their strife to


We like physical education

Watch the ball, guard the pin and keep


All have learned if you get hit

You should never, ever throw a fit

Writing, guessing, spelling words

Often ones we’ve never heard

Sparkle, Gimkit & Kahoot

Attempt to make spelling “a hoot”.

Direct Objects, Nouns and Verbs,

Why is the English language so absurd?

Our journals are all full

Of letters, writings and things for we are thankful

Zentangles & Peace Posters are hung with care

Painting birds with colorful flare.

Creating Gifts it is the time

We’re running out of words to make this rhyme!

Christmas is the time of year

Caroling can be heard far and near

Christmas Service practice have ye

Proclaiming the gift of Christ the King.

Bible stories here for us

They teach us to be thankful and not to fuss

We read God’s Holy Word

Sharing the Good News that God so loved the


He Sent His One and Only Son!

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!

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