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5th - 8th Grade - October

5th Grade Social Studies: Students are studying English Colonies under the rule of Queen Elizabeth

6-7 Social Studies: We are studying the Middle Ages times and the feudalism system. A favorite student activity was drawing cards to place them in a feudal system. Once roles were drawn, students as monarchs sent their knights to collect “taxes” (aka M&M’s) from the peasants. Students also created sculptures of castles and catapults representing the estates of the monarchs. The Plague was a huge epidemic that caused thousands to die.

8th Grade: Students will begin studying the Renaissance Period and the beginning of the Lutheran Church.

5-6 Reading Students are enjoying the book Because of Winn-Dixie and creating fictional information to go with the made-up town Naomi, FL that the book is set in.  Students have also begun reading buddies with the afternoon preschool class. Sharing the joy of reading can last a lifetime!

7-8 Reading Students are reading four different classic books and focusing on the amount of descriptive language each author uses. They are also creating poems to show how characters change from the beginning of the book to the end for the reader as more of the story unfolds. Stop in to see our jumbo story cubes that represent our various books!

5-8 English Students reviewed the parts of a proper letter and addressing envelopes as they introduced themselves to their pen pals for the 2019-2020 school year. We are thrilled to have four gentlemen join our pen pal group! (If you’re interested in being a pen pal for next year, please contact the school with your name and email/phone number. Thank you!) 

Students wrote creative writing stories working on the five senses and their D.A.R. competition entries.

5-6 Science: Students have moved on from investigating insects to identifying decomposers in our ecosystem such as moss, fungi, dirt, water, rocks, etc. They spent a beautiful fall morning at the Arboretum studying decomposers and the ecosystem. The changing seasons are visible signs of God’s miraculous creations!

7-8 Science Students are studying Newton’s Laws of Motion, Acceleration, Velocity, Speed, and Acceleration 

Math: Fifth grade students are learning to identify numerical patterns and how to extend them. Can you figure out the number that comes next? 47, 43, 39, 35, 31 . . . Or try this one 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 . . . Pre-Algebra students are working with decimals. They are mastering

techniques round, cluster, and estimate to help with multiplying, dividing, subtracting and adding three or more decimal numbers. 

Law & Gospel- Pastor Watkins has been hard at work teaching us that the law shows our sin, and the gospel shows our savior. The 10 commandments are a big part of God’s laws. The gospel is Jesus dying on the cross and rising again, which is found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Pastor has taught us many things in such a short time but the most important thing of all is that Jesus is our savior and Lord.

5-8 Art: Ka-Pow! We paused our regular art classes (drawing animals and filling them with zentangles) to work on painting two snowblades on city snow ploughs. We grabbed our rollers, paint brushes, and lots of bright paint to turn plain surfaces into an opportunity to spread joy. Thank you Ace Hardware and City of Boone for partnering with us on this creative service adventure!

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