5th Grade - September 2021

5th grade rocks!!! These students are truly growing into responsible young adults. They are starting the year strong in terms of an initiative to learn, responsibility, and respect for the shared learning environment.

Academic material for the upper grades focuses on reading varied short passages and answering prompts related to comprehension strategies. English grammar study covers a review of basic sentence mechanics. Both areas of study are demonstrated in the students’ frequent writing activities. Word study includes daily academic vocabulary, crossword puzzles, dictionary usage, and spelling/phonics lessons.

5th and 6th grade students have begun the novel Freak the Mighty exploring the concepts related to character.

In religion, students have focused on memorizing the First Petition: Hallowed be thy name. Students are also studying the relationship between the Law and the Gospel and how each concept works in their lives.

Praise God for saving knowledge of sin and the righteousness found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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