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6th - 8th Grade - December 2021

'Twas the end of the year,

with Christmas drawing near.

Many students waiting with anticipation

For their long-awaited Christmas vacation

Writing fictional narratives in English,

You can enjoy them when we finish.

Balancing a chemical formula, creating a reaction

shows our science knowledge in action.

Studying the constitution, and the Bill of Rights takes our minds to new heights.

Learning about renaissance and the arts,

Meanwhile, God is working in our hearts.

Proportions, ratios, fractions, and percents

In our world, continue to make sense.

1 point and 2-point perspective is a challenge

But our artists are able to manage.

We are learning about kindness, patience, and love

Showed to us by our father from above.

And focusing on the real reason,

For this festive Christmas season.

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