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6th - 8th Grade Innovation Nation

Excerpts from 6-8th grader’s “What Trinity means to me” writings…

*FRIENDSHIP: Looking back at my years at Trinity I have a lot of great memories. Trinity means a lot to me, it means friendships with great Christian people, and it means the excellent teachers who bring Christ into our lessons. When you go to school at Trinity, you don’t just “go” to school, you “enjoy “school.

*LEARNING: Trinity is more than just a school, it is a place of learning, friendship and God. We are encouraged by teachers and are pushed to be better people. Playing sports here we are taught sportsmanship, partnership, and leadership. As a student, athlete, and Christian here at Trinity, I can say that this school is the best I’ve been to. Trinity has helped me grow as a person. It has made me more outgoing. Trinity to me is a school, a people, a place of religion. All of these things are what makes Trinity special and great, and it is a blessing I got to spend my middle school years here.

*SERVICE: To me, Trinity is more than just a school. Trinity is a place where I feel safe and at home. It’s the only place where I feel like me. What I especially love about Trinity is that we can all worship together. I love being in a Christian environment because that’s where I feel most comfortable. Everyone is always willing to serve God and others. Trinity means the world to me and I never want to leave. I am so blessed to attend such a great school and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

*CLOSER TO GOD: Trinity is meaningful to me for the experience it has given me. Before coming to Trinity I was used to big groups of students and I was used to not having a one-on-one educational experience with teachers and students. When first coming to Trinity I was excited, but also confused by the size of classes and the schedule. Chapel, Religion and Spanish were all new subjects to me. Chapel and Religion were so nice because I finally got to learn about God in a way I never had. I met friends that helped give me a new perspective on so many things. Because of Trinity I met new friends and finally got the fresh start I needed. With this fresh start I got to experience new things and become closer to God and family. Throughout my three years at Trinity I've had so many good and interesting experiences. I've learned and seen so much these past three years I can't imagine the experience people who have gone to Trinity their whole lives have been through.

*CHRISTIAN ENVIRONMENT: I love the Christian environment I am put in that helps me to make good friends that I know I can trust. I like that when I go on field trips, I can represent not just my school but also God. Trinity has helped me to not judge people, but to be kind to them. To put the other people before myself and my wants. To help not just myself but other people to become better.

*FAMILY: We are learning valuable lessons all the time not only about book smarts, but also about common sense. We are taught respect, kindness, and responsibility. Trinity to me is not just a school, it is a family.

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