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6th - 8th Grade Innovation Station

We have been very busy working hard this month. Our days are filled with lots of learning, laughs, and leadership.

So what have we been up to lately? Frog dissection, track practice, magazine collage animals, leadership, factoring binomials, persuasive essay writing, playing with the little kids, studying the great depression, field trips, the beginning of Christianity, practicing our Spanish vocabulary, surface area, cylinders-spheres-prisms- cones, finding volume, supporting the orphan grain train ministry, student council, waking up too early, chapel worship, sign language conversations, celebrating heart healthy week, 8th grade trip planning, showing appreciation, Gimkit games, art and more art, earthworm dissection, understanding God's creation, squaring binomials, pronouns, mentoring younger students, interjections, it's the Pax Romana, finding simple and compound interest, memorizing scripture, singing praises to God, learning songs in different languages, and... so much more!