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6th Grade - December


The one for lifelong skills to show

The smartness of your child’s glow

The adding, multiplying, and dividing


Fraction days and homework nights

Math sheets and pencils, that’s alright

Sounds of thinking in our minds

Many answers may we find



Writing, guessing, spelling words

Some things we have never heard

Even when our hands hurt

We always find a way to blurt



Christmas is the time of year

When the program comes near

Singing, playing and rhyming

To God’s words with music chiming.


Social Studies

Wyatt Paul Revere rode with barely a coat

To warn others of the British, red coats

He dressed as a Mohawk with the Sons of Liberty

To help with the dumping of tea to declare liberty

from King George III. They wanted voices heard

As Taxation without Representation was for the birds


They call it physical education

But it’s more like get hit and lose concentration

One thing I'll tell you is if you get hit

You should never ever throw a fit



Fun while coloring and drawing about

Making cool designs without a pout

Know I'm finished and I’m done

It's time to start another one


Reading is a time to love

Reading stories about men that shove

Men that shove to win the war

Verses colonies all over and galore


Bible stories here for us

Some of them make a fuss

Learn about God’s holy word

That should entirely be heard



Pencil, paper, sometimes pens,

Loving people, caring friends.

Making things and having fun,

Now our day is almost done!



Hot and cold both have matter,

I know that we have learned the latter.

Tiny particles throughout the air,

Different things to learn everywhere.

Happy children loud and noisy,

Frustrated teacher becoming snappy.

Water boils at 212 degrees,

Not at 213 degrees.

Solid that's heated makes a liquid,

Ms. S (for some reason) spells it liquid.

Hot and cold that's what we learn,

Even though stuff might burn.


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