7th & 8th Grade - November

7th Math—We have been changing improper fractions to mixed numbers and changing them back to improper fractions and changing fractions to decimals and then back to fractions. We are working on adding fractions, too.

Pre-Algebra--We are using exponents, scientific notation and dividing and multiplying to factor expressions.

Algebra--We’re graphing relations to see if they’re functions. We are using vertical line testing, too.

Religion: We created paper slides of our favorite Bible stories; eventually we will make Google slides of them. We are also working on our Chapel service.

Reading: We just finished our fantasy books and story plot mappings of the books. Our stories had a lot of rising actions before the climax!

Social Studies: We have been learning about the Constitution, the Revolutionary War and the First Presidents. We did a Constitution scavenger hunt and a play about Thomas Jefferson’s presidency.

Science: We are learning about reproduction: mitosis and meiosis. We created cell models and now are learning how cells divide and multiply.

English: We have written stories about our missing teacher and our favorite to write was “The Worstest Story Ever.” The worst story was fun to write but then we worked hard at peer editing, revising and editing again. We just finished our 100 things we’re thankful for in honor of Thanksgiving. We thought the list would be difficult but once we started writing we discovered we have so many blessings in our lives!

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