8th Grade - December

Twas the night before Break, and all through the halls

Not a Chromebook was in use, nor the bathroom stalls.

The fractions were done by the children with care

In hopes a teacher would soon be there

The coordinates were placed on a graph in a line

While books await to be read in free reading time

And in history there are many stories told

about industries growing and land being sold.

When in the science room there arose such a clatter

From Mrs. Waltz screaming about cells and how they matter

Away to the church for pastor to tell

All about Jesus so our souls will be well

While pencils await to write in a rush

So students won’t be late to get on the bus

As the morning grew closer and the next day came near,

The school bus arrived and the bells rang loud and clear

A Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year!

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