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From the Principal's Desk - April

Each day I am reminded in the faces of students and the words of teachers what a

treasured and valuable mission we have here at Trinity Lutheran Church and School. We are

truly blessed through a church and school that continue to provide a Christian education for

the children and families of our community. I recently read an article written by David

Copper, the Head of Front Range Christian School in Littleton, CO. His words reaffirm the

importance of a Christian education in today’s sinful and broken world.

“The purpose of Christian education is not to hide our children from the world; it is to prepare them for it. Our classrooms are to be places of discovery where understanding the complexities of God’s creation is pursued. Places where the brokenness of the world isnot ignored but engaged."

If, as they say, education is about “preparing young people for life,” then Christian

education is about preparing young people to live out a Christian life. Preparing them for a

battle that requires maturity and is not waged against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities.

It is a battle for which they must be prepared. A preparation that happens within the classrooms of a Christian school.

Christian education is not public education with Bible overlaid upon it. It is equipping students to think Christianly – to be Christian scholars. To give them a lens through which they can see the brokenness of the world. It is through this lens that every subject is taught. It is this teaching that will enable students to engage the world with confidence having been armed with the discernment needed to make choices rooted in Christian values. We must

sharpen our students’ minds with more than knowledge; we must help them possess the mind of a Christian scholar – a mind so sharp and bright that it can no longer be ignored or marginalized in the discourse of ideas. A student so empowered will be able to hold true to their faith as they walk the halls of higher education, which are steeped in humanism, and walk out respected, influential and victorious.

The average child spends between 15,000 to 20,000 hours in school during their journey from kindergarten to senior year.

These hours of impact will be given to someone. Someone who is intent on training

and shaping your child. This is why Christian education is so critical. This means raising

children up to be Christian scholars who follow Christ with their whole heart. It means

equipping them with the tools needed to evaluate their world through the lens of

Christian values. It means building upon, not challenging or tearing down, the values and beliefs you hold in your own Christ-centered homes.”

Why Christian Education?

Because 15,000 hours of influence over your children will be given to someone. Shouldn’t

that someone be preparing your children to serve the same Lord as you and your home?

We must integrate faith and learning so that our students will integrate faith and living.

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