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From the Principal's Desk - February

Crusader Pride: “Give God Glory! Praise His Name!” If you’ve ever been to one of our

athletic events you’ve surely heard the sound of Crusader Pride as our team takes to the field or the court. Our team’s pride and focus is on the one who created us and loves us. We

praise God for our abilities and talents to praise the name of Jesus our Savior and redeemer. Our Crusader Pride goes far beyond athletic competition. It is evident in our school each and every day. Trinity students strive for excellence academically and in character. Everyone does their part, both teachers and students, to do whatever it takes to make our school a place where each and every person is an important piece of what makes our school special. We are connected to each other and to our school. School pride is the vehicle that lets us learn to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Our school has value. It is our home away from home, our family, our community. Crusader pride is a

feeling deep inside of us. It’s pride, it's caring, it's treating each other with respect and it holds a very special place in our hearts! Crusader Pride can’t be defined in just one word, but you know it when you see it, hear it and feel it. It's alive and well at Trinity Lutheran School!

Kindergartener Calvin leads his class in prayer at the end of the day. “Dear God, thank

you for this day, help us to be kind and not fight, help everyone to be safe tonight, and

help Mrs. Hart our teacher to feel better. In your name we pray. Amen” Crusader Pride. Do

you feel it? Our students know how to pray as the Holy Spirit leads them to a deeper faith.

Our Trinity cheerleaders recently had the opportunity to share their Crusader pride at

halftime of the BHS girls basketball game. Through hours of practice and teamwork our

cheerleaders were able to share with the community their dedication to hard work,

enthusiasm, and teamwork. You could see the joy of Jesus in them as them smiled at the

crowd. Because of weather, the presentation was rescheduled and one cheerleader wasn’t

able to perform. Linnea Trudeau showed great Crusader pride and love for her classmates as she learned the dance and stunts in THREE days! Crusader Spirit! Do you see it?

Trinity students were part of Iowa’s regional Science Bowl competition at Iowa State. Our

students were one of 32 schools competing in this one-day academic competition. The Ames Lab/ISU Middle School Science Bowl is one of 50 regional competitions held across the nation. It is a fast-paced question-and-answer contest where students answer questions

about Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Energy, Mathematics and

General Science. Trinity’s team comprised of Chase Ferry, Mabel Overton, Davin Myers, Izzi

McCloud, and Madi Piklapp finished the event as one of the top twelve teams. Crusader


Our 5th-8th graders were able to attend the opening session of senate at the Iowa Capitol

building. They began their day in the balcony joining our Pastor Watkins in opening prayer.

They were then allowed to go on to the senate floor and briefly speak with Boone’s representative Jerry Behn. This was a great experience of our government in action.

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