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From the Principal's Desk - January

Mark 16:15 Jesus said, Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

God has given his church a mission. That mission is clear: to use the Word of God

to train and equip the next generation, that they serve the Savior in this life while clinging to the hope of eternal life. This mission field is on our doorstep, in our church and school building. Our Trinity Lutheran Church is blessed with the wondrous opportunity of offering children in preschool through 8th grade a Christian education. We exercise our God-given

responsibility of preaching the gospel that the power of the Holy Spirit would nurture the faith of our children and their families. Christian education is for the whole child, the whole

Christian, body and soul.

Our Trinity Lutheran School is a family of Christian love and support. Each day there is evidence of God at work.

Watching a kindergartener hug a classmate who is crying.

Hearing a crying child say “I forgive you”to a child who has wronged them.

Witnessing a 7th grader wrap their arm around a 1st grade chapel friend to model correct worship behavior.

Watching our Crusader basketball players make pass after pass to ensure every

on the team has the opportunity to score.

Watching our teams win with class and grace.

Seeing our cheerleaders take to the sidelines to cheer and encourage another team.

Hearing the laughter of children learning and competing in math fact competitions.

Listening to the thought provoking questions of teachers who are dedicated to teaching the whole child and not being satisfied until each child has an understanding.

Seeing children communicate and work together to solve a problem.

Students leading prayer for a classmate’s family who is struggling.

Hearing the sound of our children as they join in singing their praises to God through


The evidence is clear each day: the Word of God is being used to train and equip the next generation.

Thanks be to God that Trinity Lutheran Church supports a mission that is at work 5

days a week, nurturing the lives of children and families alike.

Please continue to pray for our school year that each child, teacher, and family be

blessed with the loving presence of our Almighty God each day!

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