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From the Principal's Desk - May

Every 5 years our school is evaluated for National Lutheran School Accreditation


The NLSA encourages and recognizes Lutheran Schools that provide quality Christian

education and engage in continuous improvement. The NLSA validation team that

visited has recommended Trinity for accreditation in “good standing.” Praise the

Lord! The team recognized these strengths in their report:

• Trinity students stand out for their Christ-like interactions with other students and staff of the school. It is obvious Trinity is a family atmosphere.

• Our students live and demonstrate Christ-like behavior on a daily basis, not just at our church and school. Trinity’s athletic teams are great examples of the school’s mission.

• Trinity’s staff is dedicated and passionate about teaching. Christ is the center and example of what they do, teach and believe.

• Trinity’s Art Program is noted as an exemplary characteristic of our school. The Validation team found the ART instruction and display of talent to far exceed the normal Lutheran elementary and middle school. The mission of the school is shared through these gifts and

talents. The decorations and exhibits feature the students’ talents and gifts which reflect the Christian basis of Trinity Boone. The NLSA Validation Team has recommended our Art

program as a powerful practice. NLSA seeks to identify and share unique practices that set a school apart and make it a highly respected educational institution in its community. “A school’s Powerful Practice is much more than an expectation that quantifies Standard

compliance. It innovates and exceeds accreditation expectations. It is a calculated risk that results in significant reward for students. Therefore, it is a desirable condition that has

ramifications for schools throughout the LCMS.”

• Trinity classroom teachers continually provide hands-on, collaborative learning environments for their students. With an emerging K-8th grade STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program, encouraging creativity, ingenuity and problem solving, students are building communication skill and confidence through innovation.

More than 400 years ago, Martin Luther preached a powerful sermon encouraging his

listeners to stand firm in their faith:

“Each Christian should be so armed that he himself is sure of his belief and of the doctrine and is so equipped with the sayings from the Word of God that he can stand up against the devil and defend himself, when men seek to lead him astray.”

This is the mission of the Christian school.

If you haven’t stopped in to see what we do at Trinity Lutheran School, come check out

how God is at work. We thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to lead

and equip His children!

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