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Kindergarten - April 2023

On April 3, I tripped and broke my elbow. I had surgery to repair it on April 7 and have been out of school since. I miss the children so much but their learning hasn't stopped. Mrs. Shelly Hall has been my long-term sub and is making sure Kindergarteners are having a great month! I am so thankful for her! They spent a lot of time learning about and celebrating our Lord Jesus’ passion and resurrection.

It's been a productive month in Literacy! April is National Poetry month and they have

been reading and writing poetry as well as studying the poetry in Psalms. They practiced giving a speech with a “What’s in my Egg?” project, in which each child hid something in a

plastic Easter egg, and then wrote and read aloud clues about what was in it. They continue

working on sight words, sounding out words and handwriting.

Math has been focused on coins. They have learned about pennies, nickels and dimes and worked on counting the value of coins in single coin and mixed coin groups.

In Science they are learning about butterflies. They are studying metamorphosis and parts of a butterfly’s body and watching it in action by raising their own painted lady butterflies. We got them as caterpillars and are watching as they grow. They will soon make chrysalises.

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