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Kindergarten - September

Our kindergarten class has had a great beginning to our school year! The children have been busy working these first few weeks learning the new school schedule. Trinity Lutheran School’s Bible verse leads us forward in faith. From Philippians 1:6 we read, “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

For Religion, we have listened to God’s Word and learned about God’s wonderful creation and what he made on each day. On the seventh day, he rested and called it the Sabbath Day. The children worked in groups with the first and second graders to draw each day of the creation. You can see their beautiful artwork hanging up across from the church office.

On our first day of school, we read “The Gingerbread Man” and followed the clues to find the missing gingerbread man in the school. While we were looking for the gingerbread man, the children got to meet everyone that works at the school and they also got a tour of the entire school. We returned back to the classroom and the gingerbread man left everyone a special treat of gingerbread cookies.

For reading and phonics, we have been going over naming the letters and the sounds that they make. We have listened to different stories about the gingerbread man, the gingerbread girl, the gingerbread baby, and even the gingerbread cookie. We compared the different stories and how the setting, characters, and storyline are alike or different with each other. Our big buddies have joined us on Fridays and read books to the children. The children look forward to seeing their big buddies on Friday.

In math, we have started counting to one hundred. We also have skip counted by fives and tens. The children learned positional words like top, bottom, behind, in front of, inside and outside. They also learned left and right. The children have enjoyed working with Unifex cubes to make different patterns with.

In science, we have studied apples. We learned that apples grow from apple trees and there are different varieties and colors of apples. In social studies, we learned about the rules of the school and of the classroom. The children have done a nice job walking in line from our classroom to recess, the lunchroom, and the church.

For art, we have made apple prints and saw the different patterns that were made from them. They also used their watercolor paints for the first time and used dot paints as well.

Our first few weeks in kindergarten have gone by quickly and have been filled with many blessings from God. As we go forward in our school year, we also go forward by deepening our faith and love in Jesus Christ.

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