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Kindergarten - January 2023

January has been another fun month in Kindergarten! We have focused on snow in both Art and Science. We learned how snow forms and that it always has six sides, designed our own snowflakes, cut snowflakes out of coffee filters and did watercolor paintings over white crayon snowflakes.

Kindergarteners start memory work in the 2nd semester, so we are working hard on our first verses.

We have learned the sounds of all the letters in the alphabet! We are working hard on sounding out words and learning sight words. A major focus in literacy small groups has been reading fluency. We do a LOT of writing in Kindergarten! We have been practicing only using capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for names, not in the middle of sentences or words.

We are working on teen numbers and beyond in math. We have practiced counting them and writing them. We have been working on tally marks, place value, and addition.

Our calendar time every morning strengthens and reinforces both math and literacy skills. For math it includes counting by 1s, 5s, and 10s. We also work on patterns. For literacy, we spell the names of months and days with capital letters only at the beginning.

We had fun week celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week! I am so blessed to work in a Christian environment and share the love of Jesus with my students every day.

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