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Kindergarten - March 2023

March is such an exciting, hopeful month! We began a lent devotion, looking forward to Jesus’ great work for us. Spring has officially arrived, and we’ve had a little warm weather! We have had fun at recess and enjoyed having PE outside again.

In Art we’ve explored some different techniques, from paper rolling to make snails, to bleeding tissue paper to dye tulips. Both of these can be found in the hallway outside our classroom: take a peek!

STEM has been focused on our new classroom robots this month. We’ve learned about how to use them and have had various challenges such as making them drive in a continuing loop and up ramp.

The first week of March we celebrated Literacy Week with dress up days and special activities. During that week parents and other special people came into our class to read their favorite books to us and the children loved it! Literacy continues to be a lot of the same activities. We focus on phonics, reading speed and accuracy. It is fun and amazing for me to see children who came to me not able to sound out a single word just a few short months ago, now enjoying reading simple books! Their writing skills are also greatly improved!

This month in Math we finished working on addition though ten are ready to move on to subtraction.

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