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Middle School - December 2022

Fifth graders are studying the Second Article over the Advent season. The students will examine Christ’s death and resurrection, emphasizing the purpose and significance of His birth in the fourth religion unit, “Jesus Brings Salvation.”

Students created a vellum-stained glass artwork to celebrate the verse John 1:14, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” Over the month of January, they will be memorizing the Fourth Petition of the Lord’s Prayer.

In Language Arts, students are finishing up their Verb unit and will complete a Spelling Assessment to establish midyear placements.

In Reading, students use strategies to monitor their comprehension and make connections with the text. They are learning how to communicate their ideas using sentence frame models based on the prompt.

Seventh and Eighth grade students are continuing their study of Paul Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress with Senator Green, and several completed an entry for the Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest. They will complete another opinion essay in writing, and short writing samples focused on the concepts learned in grammar.

This month’s newsletter brings you our top ten Did you know facts from 6th-8th grade.…

  1. Did you know the book “Pilgrim’s Progress” was first published in 1678? We are enjoying our time with Senator Green as we study this historical work and gain insight into our own Christian life.

  2. Did you know over 12 verb tenses are used in our English language? We have been speaking it all our lives, yet there is so much more to learn!

  3. Did you know the attachment or un-attachment of your earlobe is linked to a recessive gene? If your earlobe is attached, you received the recessive gene from both of your parents. Just touched your earlobe, didn’t you?

  4. Did you know that the United States Constitution is the shortest and the oldest written constitution of any major government in the world? Fun fact the name of the state of Pennsylvania is misspelled on the original document “Pensylvania.”

  5. Did you know graphing a linear equation is easy when you understand slope and Y-intercept? Graphing Y=2/3x+5 means your first coordinate is (0,5), and your next coordinate is up 2 and over 3 from there. Voila, linear equation graphed!

  6. Did you know our Crusader basketball players and cheerleaders are halfway through their season? We will end our season at the District tournament in Ft. Dodge. Jan.27-28. #teamwork

  7. Did you know using unit prices makes for a savvy shopper? A hands-on math lesson brought a group of us to Walmart for grocery calculations. Real-world math at its finest. Which is a better buy per pack? 24 packs of go-gurt for $6.98 or 16 packs for $4.97?

  8. Did you know that building the average ancient Egyptian pyramid took about 20 years? Fun fact the Ancient Egyptians also developed a calendar system to track the Nile River's flooding.

  9. Did you know that if you place a drawn arrow behind a clear glass filled with water, the arrow will switch directions if you place it just the right distance away? Studying concave and convex lenses is so interesting!

  10. Did you know that God opened up the earth and swallowed people that were rebelling against Moses and Aaron therefore, they were rebelling against God? Imagine the ground opening and closing right before your eyes!

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