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Middle School - January 2023

Fifth graders are studying the Lord’s Prayer over the season of Epiphany. Students will examine what it means to live our lives as disciples. They will also study how and what to pray, looking at each petition.

In Language Arts, students are starting a grammar unit on Modifiers. In Reading, students are expanding their skills in evaluating and enjoying poetry.

Congratulations to Mikaela Williamson for taking 1st place overall in the DeShon Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Essay Contest. Gabe Van Dyke and Olivia Halverson both received Second Place for their grade levels.

Each year in celebration of National Lutheran Schools Week we reflect on what our Trinity Lutheran School means to us. Below are excerpts from our writings…

Trinity’s environment is really good because children can learn about God and advanced work. When we learn about God, we learn to be respectful to others and how to be a better Christian. Another thing that happens at Trinity is we are able to volunteer to help younger students which can show kindness. Trinity is not just a school but a place you can make new friends. Trinity Lutheran School has made it easier for me to learn. It has taught me how to learn different things, like learning the Bible and doing sports. I know that people at Trinity understand me and look after me. Trinity has let me become an athlete. I became a soccer player. I am able to learn extra things like Spanish, Sign language, cooking, and sewing. I am really glad Trinity has those classes, they are fun. I learn something new every day. I am glad I go to Trinity Lutheran School. It has helped me grow as a Christian, as a student, and as an athlete. I’m thankful for everyone here at Trinity. I am sure lucky to be here. This is a great school.

Trinity is a great school, I enjoy sports, activities, and friendships. We have four different sports: soccer, basketball, cheerleading, and volleyball. Sadly we can’t go here forever because it only goes through 8th grade, but I still love Trinity. When you first come here, people are so super welcoming. When you come here, you will leave with more friends than you came with.

Trinity has helped me and is still helping me and preparing me for my future. I’ve gone to school here since preschool and what I have experienced since I have been here is nothing but love and comfort. I couldn’t imagine not going to school here, everyone treats me like family, and they have prepared me beyond measure. I love Trinity and know they will continue to prepare me for the future. That is why Trinity, to me means family. It is truly a place where you can love, and be loved, for everyone here is your brother or sister in Christ.

TLS is a safe place for kids to learn and be engaged in learning. I am happy to go here and feel it is a good place to talk, learn, meet new people, and be yourself. Everyone is supported for what they do, and everyone at TLS has a good sense of humor. I really enjoy going to TLS and have many opportunities to excel and learn new things. Trinity is a truly amazing school but also has a family and community. One of my favorite things about Trinity is how we get to have recess all together as a school. All the grades together, Kindergarten through eighth grade, is an amazing way to make friends of all ages. Trinity is a safe space to grow in friendships and grow knowledge of the Gospel and other school subjects.

My favorite thing about Trinity is the people. The people I have met at Trinity are people I hope I can know my whole life. I love having small classes and being in the same room as my friends, even if they are in different grades. I love that even though the former students have graduated, they still come back to visit the school when they can. Trinity means so much to me, not just because it’s some school I went to that I’ll forget the name of. Trinity is where I know I can learn more about Christ and be surrounded by the people I love. Trinity is a place I will never forget because of how I’ve grown academically, in my faith in Christ, and as a person.

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