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Middle School - May 2023

ROMANS 12:12 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Language Arts students celebrated a year of writing to their R.S.V.P. pen pal with a meet and greet. They played games and ate snacks with some even staying for lunch!

Fifth grade took in a day of activities at the Y Camp located outside of Boone. They rode horses, ziplined, built 2 outdoor shelters, and attempted some archery. A celebration of May and summer birthdays occurred with cake and watermelon as 9 of our 14 students have such. 

They will visit the Fort Museum as well and lunch at Dolliver Park, in collaboration with students from Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School.

Everyone is ready for summer vacation with another successful year of learning behind us! 

As we come to the end of another school year, we reflect on our favorite moments of the year!

Roddrick: I enjoyed our class Christmas party and sharing our white elephant gifts with one another. Lots of laughter!

Mikaela: My most memorable moment was when Olivia and I performed surgeries on our Science project “Clammy”. Dissecting is always a fun experience, especially when frog juice gets in your hair! Ick!

Olivia: When our class had a mini dance party outside with Superstar CJ. It was something not all schools get to do, and it was cool to be able to do this at school with my friends! The video footage of this is pretty entertaining as well!  

Trent: I love cracking the most unfunny and unnecessary jokes at the worst times possible to see the reaction of others. Here’s one to give you a taste of what my classmates have to put up with… Why did the chicken cross the road? Cause 7-8-nine. 

Jackson: My favorite memory is when we went to the state capitol building celebrating School Choice Week.. I liked going to the very top and looking down at everyone below. 

Gabe: May the Fourth be with you! This year we talked Ms S into letting us celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th. I loved being able to have lightsaber duels with Jackson after school. The massive recess pool noodle war was also a great time! Except for the many casualties. 

Jayleigh: I love being able to dress up for all the fun weeks, especially Crazy Hair day! Being on the student council I was able to help make these weeks more fun and exciting! I’m also a big fan of PE! 

Addison: My favorite activity was helping the younger students with their after-school Lego League club. I liked being able to help them build their creations and program them to move. I also love being in the operetta! 

Owen: Basketball games against other schools was my favorite memory because it was something I hadn’t ever done before this year. I’m looking forward to next year’s Crusader sports seasons.

Lukas: Geocaching and picnicking with my classmates was a huge highlight for me this year. My group found 11 caches in an hour and a half. I loved the picnic, because is there anything better than eating outside?! I don’t think so.

Harmoni: I loved going geocaching and exploring Boone with my classmates. I liked the challenge of finding the really hard ones, I was proud of my group for not giving up. I had a great time with friends

Grace: It was really fun playing soccer this year with all my friends, I enjoyed going to the away games and tournaments. I loved watching my teammates enjoy scoring goals. 

Sophie: What I enjoyed about this year was going on field trips and riding with new people and getting to learn new things and experience them first hand. I had never gone to the Grotto of Redemption before and thought is was really interesting. 

Destiny: I enjoyed cheering at the basketball tournaments, even for the other teams. I also enjoyed that it was overnight and I got to spend time with my friends. Playing the games was pretty fun too!

Abram: My favorite memory this year was at the district basketball tournament in Ft. Dodge, especially when we beat the Falcons. The gym was so loud, it was such an intense game! 

Charlie: Being the knock-out champ at our alumni Basketball game was pretty sweet especially since I beat some of the adults!

Lighton: I loved going geocaching with my friends and looking for hidden “treasures” around town. I have no idea how we were able to find some of them, they were hidden so well, some even were covered in camouflage tape.

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