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Middle School - September 2022

5th grade homeroom is off to an amazing start as they work through the challenges of navigating expectations in multiple classes.

Students are learning who God is, how He has come to us, and how He wants us to read, understand, and apply His Word to live a life of worship to Him.

Language Arts content for 5th to 8th grade includes grammar topics related to forming complete thoughts that include both subjects and predicates. Students are using grammar concepts to improve their writing by creating compound and complex sentences.

The writing prompts in this first month include how to tell a personal story using lots of descriptions. The text exemplar for rich description in telling a narrative is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

5th grade students are reading Hatchet by Gary Paulson. In Reading, students are learning how an author develops and exposes the characters and setting to reveal an initial problem. They will end the first month by completing a close read of the Bible passage Ephesians 4 to evaluate what it means to be unified as one body in Christ.

With so many learning experiences happening each day, it’s hard to summarize all that our first month of school has included. Check out some of our highlights…

The study of ancient civilizations in Social Studies gave us the opportunity to create our own excavation sites. By exploring these sites, we were able to make assumptions about various cultures based on the artifacts we “found.”

The 6-7th graders enjoyed a very hands-on look at being an archaeologist and exploring the “remains” of a lost culture.

In Science, 7th and 8th graders enjoy studying the classification system of animals as we make sense of the amazingness of God’s creation. 5th-8th graders especially enjoy the time we spend learning about technology through coding finch robots! Learning how to investigate and analyze data is key to building our scientific understanding.

Sometimes our hands-on learning experiences are even a bit dangerous. Finger pokes abound as we learn to work with textiles and sewing techniques. With Mrs. Gustafson’s guidance, we are working our way to creating our own zippered pencil pouches! We love this hands-on, real-life learning (even with the finger pokes).

Our 6-8th grade mathematical experiences so far include mastering operations with integers and lots of equation solving. Stretching our ability to learn new concepts and increasing our mental math speed definitely keeps us busy!

In Language Arts, we are solidifying our understanding of sentence structure. Subjects, predicates, and compound sentences come alive as we write about our own experiences. Personal narratives provide us with the opportunity to describe events as we captivate our audience with newly learned vocabulary and our own unique writer’s voice. Learning experiences that develop our communication skills are some of our favorite times of the week.

We love having Mrs. Jennings teach us how to communicate without our voice as we work to develop our skills in sign language. Nos encanta el tiempo que tenemos para estudiar el idioma español también! Not only do we learn sign language we also dabble in Spanish!

In Religion, we are studying Bible history and continue to get a deeper understanding of the faithfulness of God. So many stories that remind us not only who is in control but the love God has for His creation and the ultimate sacrifice that was made for our salvation. As we memorize the ten commandments and their meanings, we are able to connect God’s word to our own lives. What does “thou shall have no other Gods before me” mean for 6-8th graders in 2022? What does this look like in our culture today? The conversations and discussions are endless, and the learning is irreplaceable. A special thank you to the many people involved this summer in creating our new learning spaces. We love our new Science and Social Studies classroom, and the whole school loves our new library and reading space in the parish hall. Thank you so much for all the work, time, and money that is put into providing us with a place to learn and grow!

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