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Preschool - December 2020

The preschool room has been full of sights, sounds and smells of Christmas this past month! Making presents, counting jingle bells, writing with candy canes, sending Christmas messages and retelling the story of Christmas are just a few of our daily activities!

We have also constructed gingerbread homes (with lots of frosting!) and compared them to our own homes; we are so blessed to be safe & warm in our many types of homes!

We learned Jesus was born in a stable and his cradle was a manger! We are so amazed by His humble start and how much God loves us by sending Jesus.

When asked, “What gift would you give to Baby Jesus?” the preschoolers responded with:

“A fire truck!”- Alex

“A stuffed animal.”- Piper;

“A book!” - Aubrie

“A rocking horse.” - Audrey

“A toy train!” - Addison

“I’d make Him a card.” - Kanynn

“Sparkly jewelry!” - Claire

“A present wrapped in a box to open with scissors. A toy!” - Sloan

“A puppy!” - Parker D

“A stuffy.” - Ty’ren

“A train!” - Ralston

“All my toys!” - Sammy

“A train.” - Corbin

“A unicorn!” - Mila

“Toy lights, the Christmas lights on the houses, and a toy train and a garbage truck!” - Ava

“A school for babies!” - Zane

“I want to give Him every toy that He likes!” - Abbi

“Time to play at school with Baby Echo (our stuffed owl).” - Layna

“I would give Baby Jesus baby toys!” - Charli

“Probably a Baby Echo Toy.” - Cooper

“A bunny toy and an invitation to my birthday!” - Avery

“A toy train.” - Ella

“A book for Him.” - AvaRose

“A toy dinosaur!” - Charlotte

“A horse!” - Rikee’sha

“I want to give Baby Jesus love.” - Zander

Jesus is the greatest gift of all; we love because He first loved us!

Have a Merry CHRISTmas & a Blessed New Year!

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