Preschool - February 2021

Updated: Jan 12

Hello, Fabulous Families! Wow--we are thankful to have made it through February and on to March. What a blessing to have warmer temperatures and mounds of fabulous snow to sculpt and play!  A little note about how we’ve spent our days:

Snow in the morning

Snow at night

Wind whipped faces

Red and bright

Many late starts

Gave us a fright

But we’re back together

In faith and delight!

Learning of Jesus’s miracles

We showed awe and delight

10 Lepers--one sang praise

Faith was his healing might!

5,000 to feed

A huge dinner plight

Five loaves, two fishes equaled

Baskets full, what a sight!

Using manners and words

Help us share; not fight

Measuring with blocks and band aids 

We compared bodies and heights

Letters and numbers

We’re learning to write

Oh and rhyming--

Do you share our delight?

As we close our poem

It is only right

To share our Lenten prayers

For you to be filled with His light!

Prayers From Preschool

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