Preschool - February 2022

Hello, Fabulous Families! Wow--we have been learning to be good neighbors and how to care for our teeth. We spent a lot of February days playing inside. What a blessing to have warmer temperatures so we can go outside and play!

A little note about how we’ve spent our days:

Cold in the morning Cold at night

Wind whipped faces

Red and bright.

Our crazy hat hair

Makes quite a sight!

But no matter the weather

We enjoy being together!

Learning of Jesus’s miracles

We showed awe and delight

10 Lepers to Jairus’s daughter

Faith was their healing might!

5,000 to feed

A huge dinner plight.

Five loaves, two fishes equaled

Overflowing baskets, what a sight!

Using manners and words

Help us share; not fight.

Measuring with blocks and Band-Aids

We compared bodies and heights

Letters and numbers

We’re learning to write.

Oh, nursery rhymes we sing day & night.

So now we’re rhyming-- Do you share our delight?

As we close our poem

It is only right

To share our Lenten prayer:

For you to be filled with His peace & light!

Prayers from Preschool!

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