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Preschool - January 2023

Hello, Fabulous Families! We are excited that February is almost here and we get to celebrate LOVE. We love coming to school. We love recess. We love our friends. We love our families. We love our pets. We love snacks. We love birthday treats. Our list of what we love goes on and on as we find joy in all we do.

We enjoy writing letters/drawing pictures to give to friends and family. We are copying simple words and phrases as we practice letter formation and beginning sounds of words. Our backpacks and cubbies are full of creative works! We have definitely learned it is amazing to give to others--filling everyone with joy!

Snow, did you know children five and younger have a contagious love of snow? We have been disappointed to only have had a few days warm enough to play in the snow at school but are excitedly waiting for more snow adventures! We love to climb on snow, build with it, bury items in it and of course eat it! We have learned a lot about snow this past January from how each snowflake is uniquely made, making our own snow and snowflakes, magnifying snow water to see all the particles (dirty bits!), creating snowmen, and reading about all the fun snowmen have in our many winter books. We love snow!

We learned how Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River to show us we can be baptized, too. Baptism washes away original sin, thanks be to God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit! We learned how Jesus called the disciples. We also had a fantastic time celebrating Lutheran Schools Week and how we are all called to “Go! Go! Go! Make Disciples of all the Nations!” (Matthew 28:19). We are beginning to learn (and sing) how Jesus loves the little children. He loves all the children of the world (including you), and we tell him we love Him every day!

There is a love that surpasses all; it is the love of God who sent his only Son to die for us so we may have eternal life! The preschoolers want you to enjoy some sweetheart candies this February and as you read them, hear God saying each candied message to you: Be Mine, EZ2 Luv, XOXO, Dream Big, Be True, Call Me & Real Love. We are truly blessed!

Prayers from Preschool!

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