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Preschool - March 2022

Hello, One and All! TLS preschoolers have been busy learning and playing this past March. It was so nice to meet with all of the preschool families to share how much each child has grown not only in academics and socially but in Faith! We have a room full of compassionate, service-oriented youngsters. I am constantly amazed at how they share the love of Christ with each other. What a blessing they are!

We have worked hard this month learning how to make words rhyme at the end (traditional rhyming) and at the beginning (alliteration). We enjoyed nursery rhymes, Silly Sally and playing the “Name Game” together. If you see a preschooler, enjoy some rhyme time together!

Long-short, heavy-light, fast-slow, opposites we now know! We were new to the term (opposite) but now it is a term we use with ease. We even created our own opposite book that students illustrated by posing for pictures. We had a great time showing empty--full, dirty--clean, near--far, etc!

This Lenten season we focused on different parables (stories) Jesus told to teach people about giving their all and forgiving each other. We learned that Jesus is our good shepherd and how He cares for each and every one of us! The end of March we also learned how Jesus could wash us anew. We learned how he washed the disciples' feet and how Jesus wants us to be servants, too. We washed the feet of dolls and talked about how much Jesus loved the disciples and us to do such an act of service.

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