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Preschool - May 2023

The school year has flown by quickly and we had many great learning opportunities together in May. We discovered lots of rain brings lots of worms and boy were they fun to hold, observe, measure, and hold again! If worms weren’t in a student’s comfort zone, we also added an ant farm to our science center. We watched them tunnel, carry food and water as well as build a mound to reach higher up. Did you know an ant can carry 50 times its body weight? God made them strong helpers! 

Speaking of helpers, our students have grown into kind and caring young people seeking ways to help others and serve like Jesus! We were amazed to learn how Jesus ascended to heaven and how He promised to send help for all people to serve like Him–the Holy Spirit! It has been amazing to watch the littles fill with awe and joy as they learned and shared about God’s word this year! 

We have many things we love about school. Books (making & reading), slime time, “Worms!,” playing with friends, magnetic blocks, sending notes & letters, dramatic play (kitchen, camping, hair salon, fire station, etc.), “games–lots of games to play”, outside time (tag, bear hunt, “tick-tock gingerbread cookies,” hide and seek, etc.) and many more fun learning opportunities we have shared together! Too many to list!

During May we also had  preschool field day, balloon day and bubble day. The weather kept us on our toes and reminded us to be flexible in all we do but what fun we had together! 

On our final days we enjoyed looking back at journal entries and photos of the year as we prepared for summer. The children continued to write notes to friends letting them know they are a blessing. They demonstrated how to show love and care for one another through words and actions. They truly know how to share God’s love! 

We closed our school year with a cookout and “Graduation” for students moving on to kindergarten.  We were excited to sing some favorite songs and to celebrate how God has helped us grow this school year! Have a blessed summer!

Prayers from Preschool

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