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Preschool - November

November began with conferences with parents of the 4 year-olds. Meeting with parents allows me the opportunity to get to know the family even more and share with the parents about the progress their child is making after beginning with prayer. Suggestions for areas to work on are given and questions are answered before a handshake goodnight. I love this time to talk with parents. I also enjoy talking with parents as they bring their child into the classroom and pick them up three hours later in the hallway. Keeping the lines of communication open is key to a child’s success. I will formally meet with the 3 year-olds’ parents in early February.

Our Bible study this month focused on Moses and the Israelites and God’s promises and protection of His people. God helps us in times of trouble as He did helping the Israelites to cross the Red Sea on dry land. God provides all that we need just as He supplied His people food and water on the way to the promised land. God knows what is best for us as He gave the children of Israel the Ten Commandments as a guide, a curb and a rule. Lastly and most importantly, God forgives those who look to Him for forgiveness through His Son, our Lord Jesus, who lived the perfect life in our place.

As tradition holds, we had a “Thanksgiving Feast” after enacting the Pilgrims and Native Americans and the events leading up to the First Thanksgiving. Thank you parents for helping with the food and joining us! As we celebrate all that God has given us, let’s remember that our forgiveness of all of our sins through Jesus is our most precious blessing.

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