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Preschool - November 2020

Greetings from Preschool!

We are so excited for December to begin! For Advent, Jesus' Birth, Christmas and so much more!! Before we become too excited about what is to come, let us share what we have in November done:

Rhyming is a skill we are learning with lots of practice, books and giggles. We’ve explored how air can make a feather dance and wiggle. Building walls and towers we have exercised our engineering powers.

We were amazed at how God provided for Moses as a babe and then to the mountain the 10 Commandments for all to follow the Lord to Moses gave. We skipped forward in the Bible to learn about Joshua at the battle of Jericho. We saw them trust as they waited, marched and sounded their horns as the walls came tumbling down! (Marching and sounding our “horns” was a favorite extension!)

We have learned about the first Thanksgiving; how the Pilgrims traveled to be able to worship freely, the friendships made with the Wampanoag, and how they took time to give God thanks. Following their lead, we paused to thank God for the many things we are thankful for: families, ballerinas, stuffed animals, dogs, cats, Love, Zoey (cousin), grandmas & grandpas, mommies & daddies, firemen, teachers, firedogs, friends’ birthdays, brothers, sisters, babies, playgrounds, having fun, sisters coming to school together, going to Mogan’s (cousin), the whole world AND for God! So bless us all, big and small and thank the Lord for making it all!

Now we look forward to the Advent Season; the reminder to be like young children in seeing Hope, Joy, and Wonder in the birth of Jesus our Savior. If that fills you with the urge to dance, sing or shout--as preschoolers we suggest you do as we love to, too!

Prayers from Preschool!

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