Preschool - October 2020

Apples, fire safety, spiders and pumpkins galore!

Oh, so much for preschoolers to explore!

Colors. Shapes. Numbers and Letters.

Stories and Songs. The more the better!

Patterns, snacks and recess games

So many ways we have learned

each other’s names!

Our classroom has come to life as we have made friendships and shared excitement in learning together. We were blessed to have visits by the Boone Fire Department, helping students see firefighters work to help us!  We also had mini pumpkins donated to the classroom to create our own “pumpkin patch” when our trip to the pumpkin patch was cancelled--amazing how God will provide!

During October we learned how Abraham, Isaac and Joseph all turned to God in prayer. They gave thanks, they sought guidance and they turned their struggles over to God, trusting He would provide no matter how stormy the situation appeared. Our struggles can be compared to one of our class’s favorite nursery rhymes, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” We, like the spider, realize the SON will come. He will come to our aid; Christ loves when we ask Him to guide us, save us, and to “dry up all our rain.”

When we rely on God, it allows us to do what the Itsy Bitsy Spider did, focus on the destination. When we have faith in Christ, not only will you endure the rain, He will save you from the rain, and you, like the Itsy Bitsy Spider, will climb up the spout again!

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