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Preschool - October 2021

Pets, fire safety, Bible stories, and pumpkins galore! Oh, so much for preschoolers

to explore! Colors. Shapes. Numbers and Letters. Books, Fingerplays, and Songs. The

more the better! Patterns, snacks, and recess games So many ways we have learned

each other's names!

Our classroom has come to life as we have developed friendships and shared excitement in learning together. We learned about different pets and how to take care of them--just as God provides for us!

We learned about fire safety and how firefighters help not only with fires but only times of rescue--they are great community helpers! We were blessed to have visits by the Boone Fire Department, too!!

We created paper mache pumpkins and transformed our classroom into a pumpkin patch to learn about weight, height, and circumference. We enjoyed taking orders, delivering goods, and working together to let God’s light shine! Have you read The Pumpkin Patch Parable? It helped us relate how God has made all things (people/pumpkins of all colors, shapes, and sizes) and His light can shine through us!

During October we learned how Moses, Gideon, and David all trusted in God. They gave thanks, they sought guidance and they turned their struggles over to God, trusting He would provide no matter how stormy the situation appeared when we rely on Him for God can do all things (Luke 1:37). He parted the sea, defeated enemies without weapons and he turned a young, singing shepherd boy into a compassionate King all because God loves us!

We give thanks to the Lord for all our blessings: Faith, Family, Friends, Food, and Homes. We are loved and bursting to share that love with others! “We love because God first loved us!” John 4:19

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