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Preschool - September 2020

Happy Fall, One & All! It is a blessing to be back in school and learning together! I am excited to be working with the preschool children and families. We have learned how to be kind and safe at school and home. We have taken our focus Bible Verse “If you give, it will be given unto you” (Luke 6:38) and inserted our two class rules (Be kind. Be safe) like this: If you give kindness, kindness will be given back to you. Then we listed ways to show kindness. We repeated this with how to give safety. It was truly amazing to hear all the ways the children shared to be kind and safe at home and school! 

We spent our first ten days of school learning “All About Me and My School” as we have gotten to know each other, build friendships, and school family. We have graphed many attributes as we learned about each other; comparing our heights, shoe sizes, favorite colors, family sizes, etc. We count, compare, graph, measure, and weigh items as we gain Math literacy skills and understanding of the Math & Science tools we use at school.

We love books, songs and fingerplays; they help us learn about God’s word, school, friendships, rhyming, the joy of reading and SO MUCH more! We are huge fans of the If You Give a Mouse/Dog/Cat/Pig series, Pete the Cat series, and our Child’s First Bible. We practice retelling stories, book handling and early reading literacy skills.

We have focused on color naming, sorting and counting as we acted out Noah’s Ark and God’s promise represented in the rainbows we see in the sky. Acting out how God warned Noah and then gave him the skills to build the ark, bringing in (beanie) animals and singing “Arky, Arky” all have helped us understand how Noah obeyed God. Visit to learn more about the physical dimensions of the ark in its re-creation in Williamstown, Kentucky. Noah and his family had immeasurable faith!

We wrapped up September sharing about our families and learning about apples. We discovered our families can come in many different sizes and colors--just like apples, but they all love us just as Jesus Loves Us. Some of our preschoolers even sang “Jesus Loves Me” at the close of the September 30th chapel service! 

We enjoyed many learning opportunities with apples: tasting, graphing our favorite color of apple, apple stamping, writing apple words, and sequencing seed to apple were just a few of our favorite learning experiences. We even made our homemade applesauce for snack--smelled delicious! Oh, did you know an apple is a tangible example of the Holy Trinity? Ask a preschooler to share how an apple shows 3-in-1! You will be amazed :-).

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