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Trinity Memories - Chase Ferry

It is once again that time of the year when I reflect upon my memories and experiences I have had at Trinity Lutheran School. This, however, is different from my other annual essays in the sense that it will be my last; as I am currently approaching the end of my 8th year here at Trinity. I would like to revisit key moments of my Trinity history and fond memories had here.

I first came to Trinity in the year 2011, as a first grader. Even though I originally had a difficult time adjusting and meeting others, I am now exceptionally glad that I stayed because I would never want to forget the experiences I had in my later years at Trinity.

During late fourth grade and beyond is when I became closer to those around me and

more social in general. This is also the time at which I began to appreciate the prospect of

education more and started to work towards academic achievements.

My experiences with Trinity that proved to be the most meaningful began around fifth grade

and onward when our educational curriculum began to shift. Instead of being taught by a single teacher, we would alternate between several, many who have come and gone by this point. All of whom had very unique teaching methods that differed greatly from one another. Each of them were, and are, all delightful and have helped me to grow as a person in their own way.

I can confidently say that our curriculum would continue to improve in almost every way; and even though the members of staff have changed over the years, I would like to thank each one for their style of educating and for what they have taught me.

While I may not recall every field trip my class has gone on over the last eight years, I am

able to mention certain ones that have left an impression on me.

Many trips taken during first through fourth grade have since become a blur to me. Many are just memories of caroling with Mrs. Sprengeler, or going to various plays. One of these performances that left an impression on me unto this very day (and one I would very much enjoy revisiting) is that which revolved around a fish. I do not recall much about the play itself, but I instead remember its very unique visuals. Personified fluorescent fish would

be suspended and moved around by actors in black clothing.

Besides these vague memories from my earlier years at Trinity, I can say by far that the best

of my field trips occurred in fifth grade. These included a play (that I honestly cannot recall)

followed by geocaching, a play revolving around Martin Luther King Jr. and afterward a trip to the Iowa Capitol with Mr. G, and touring the Omaha Zoo.

Other than those, there are the more traditional Trinity events such as the lock-ins, Winter Funderland, graduations, Operettas, etc; all of which I have been part of many times.

I have many fond memories regarding Trinity outside of field trips and events as well. I will

never forget the many times I spent with my class during and outside of school. Some of these occurrences are forever memorialized in the shape of videos, documents, and photographs; all of which I plan to keep for quite a while.

In addition to memories related to my classmates, I also have several very fond memories of classes I have taken over the years. I will always remember and appreciate the time we spent in Social Studies discussing political occurrences and Mr. G.’s simplistic but effective

teaching method. The casual and friendly environment found in many classes over the years; the time spent in Language Arts, improving my speech, writing, as well as my tolerance and enjoyment of literature. Physical Science and Life science, for expanding my mind further to the world around me. Finally my mentors, for not only being great educators, but also great friends and role models. Thank you to those who have supported me, and helped me to improve in endless ways.

In closing, Trinity has helped me to grow in ways I can never begin to explain, whether it be mentally or spiritually. Even though I am excited for what the future holds, I am proud to have stayed with Trinity over these last eight years and will never forget how Trinity and those who reside in it have changed my life for the better. Thank you to everyone who has been with me throughout all of these years, to both members of the staff and the great friends I have made during this time.

Whatever may happen next for all of us, I wish you well.

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