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1st & 2nd Grade - November 2020

We have been continuing the use of nouns, pronouns and proper nouns in our study of the English language. We found it fun exploring the use of action verbs as we acted them out for them to guess. We are presently learning the rules for the use of state of being verbs and a song to help us learn about helping verbs. We also see how using more exact nouns and verbs add more variety and interest into our writing.

We are becoming more fluent in our reading and decoding skills as we continually master our vowel sounds, consonant blends, consonant diagraphs, and vocabulary words.

We learned the 5 parts of a letter (heading, greeting, body, closing, and signature) and have been writing friendly letters to our friends.

We had fun experimenting with solids, liquids, and gasses. We combined various states of matter to make our own cloud slime. Then we had a delicious treat using a solid (ice cream) and a liquid (root beer) to watch a gas form. What a yummy way to see them in action!

The second graders wrote and shared book reports with the class. It was fun to hear about some really good books as the students shared their opinions of what they had read.

Studying about our community laws and leaders have helped us to appreciate the world around us.

We learned about our continent through a continent song. Then we learned cheers to help us learn the U.S.A and also how to spell I-O-W-A and B-O-O-N-E. We went on Google Earth to find our houses using our house number and street name. We’ve been having fun putting a puzzle together of our country. Our world has indeed been blessed by God.

With the reality of Covid-19, our choir hasn’t had our usual opportunities to share through song the message of Jesus Christ with the Boone Community. However, we invite you to worship our Savior with us in our School Wide Virtual Christmas Service at 6:30 pm on Friday, December 18th. Look for broadcasting information in the school newsletter and church bulletins.

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