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1st Grade - December 2022

What a great first part of the school year. Each of the 13 students brought joy and happiness to the classroom this fall. Yes, it has been busy, and they have been learning new and challenging information. But, each student has been willing and happy to learn, and they don't give up even when we stretch our brains.

One discussion that we just had in class was over Joseph. The children are seeing that even though we struggle, God never leaves us. God will help us through tough times. It was such a privilege to talk with the class and hear how they are able to see God more and more in their daily lives.

However, not all of our studies are difficult. We have been learning how to think like scientists and make predictions based on what we already know and understand. It is so much fun to watch the children as they conduct their experiments.

In Math, we are learning how to add three digits together. I am so pleased to see all of the first graders use the strategies that we learned earlier in the year.

In English, we are writing stories and learning how adjectives make our stories sound better.

It has been a busy and productive fall for the First grade.

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