1st Grade - October 2022

These first two and a half months have been amazing. I have been able to watch the first graders learn and grow in their reading, writing, math skills, and faith. In August the kids were so excited to become readers; and now to watch them sound out new words and read harder books is so much fun. We did have a new student, Emerson, join us in October. All the students were very welcoming and did their best to show Christ's love to a new friend.

In Math, they are working on breaking down harder addition equations. They are learning how to use a tens frame, number line, and hundreds charts.

In First Grade we are so thankful for places in Boone like the Dutch Oven Bakery. We were able to walk there and have our stem lesson about baking in the bakery! We also enjoyed a wonderful doughnut while we learned how heat and cold can create a chemical change in mixtures. Things are going great here in the First Grade!

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