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3rd & 4th Grade - January

We have been busy in 3rd and 4th grade! This semester we started a new thing

called Reading Bingo. The students get a BINGO sheet with different books/genres to

read and they have to get a BINGO by reading that kind of book and then doing a reading

response to show that they understood what they were reading. This gives the students more choice in what they read and exposes them to different kinds of books so that they

can find what they like to read. This also allows us to spend more time with writing and

grammar since they can read more at home.

In third grade math, we are on our subtraction unit, which has proven to be quite the challenge for them. We just learned subtracting money and have been doing double regroupings and subtracting across zero. They are starting to get it, slowly, but surely. After subtraction, we will begin multiplication, which everyone is excited for! In fourth grade math, we are reviewing multiplication and division facts before we move on to the more difficult multiplication and division such as long division and multiplying two digit numbers. So far, both fourth graders are doing good with multiplication and division.

In science, we are finishing up our planet posters and are planning on going on a field trip to stargaze sometime in February. Space is such a great opportunity to see how big God's creation is and how small we are. It is also great to see that even though we are small, God still cares for us so much that he sent Jesus here to die for our sins.

This week in social studies, we will start learning about Reverend Dr. King, which will

lead us into Black History Month for February. This is such an important and sensitive time in our nation's history and it is really important that kids today know what it was like for colored people in the early days of our nation and also the problems that they still face today.

We are very excited for Lutheran Schools Week and all the fun that it will bring!

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