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3rd Grade - October 2020

This month in third grade has been awesome! We are finally settling into our classroom routines and have more time for projects and fun learning!

In language arts, we have finished a handful of stories every week. This week we are reading "Dancing Rainbows" which is about an Indigenous boy and his traditions in the Pueblo tribe in New Mexico. A lot of our students have also finished their BINGO sheets, which means they have read at least 5 books outside of class on their own. Most of them have read way more than 5 books. Right now, the record is 4 BINGOs. We are also learning about verbs and just finished the nouns unit. 

In science, we are just about done with our paper slide videos on life cycles. Be on the lookout for those on Facebook! We have four groups: the 3-stage insect group, 4-stage insects, amphibians, and mammals. 

In math, we are currently learning about money and addition. We just learned how to make change and will learn how to add money soon. Addition is generally easy for everyone and they have been doing really well with identifying the coins and how much they are worth!

In Social Studies, we are looking forward to voting in the Trinity election on October 23. Additionally, we have started projects on various communities around the U.S. Each student has a different city or town and they are each doing a different project on their city. They all have to include the same information in their project, but it will be presented in a different way. We have quite a few google slide projects, collages, and newscasts! 

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