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5th - 8th Grade - February

Reading: 7th & 8th grade students just finished dystopian novels--discovering man's desire to create a heaven on earth is impossible. God is the creator of heaven and it is through Jesus Christ we have salvation and eternal life in heaven. 5th & 6th grade students just finished reading novels of their choice and creating collages to share about their books with peers.

Social Studies: 5th graders are creating colonial town models to showcase their knowledge of colonial times. 6/7 Social Studies students are learning about imperialism and nationalism. Do you know how they are different?

Math: 5th grade students are learning how to use protractors and all about angles. Maybe you have heard them sing the YMCA Angle Song?!

6th grade math just finished a test on adding and subtracting fractions. Common denominators and improper fractions were a daily challenge!

In 7th grade math we are doing percent of change. We just finished learning about tips and commision. Pre-algebra we are rearranging equations and doing more equations. examples: E=jke or y=mx+b.

In algebra we are simplifying variables with exponents. We have also been finding solutions to equations by elimination and substitution.

English: In addition to memorizing lines for the operetta, we have been writing poetry and working on our 2020 Modern Woodmen Speech Contest “What Freedom Means to Me.” We are using many literary devices to bring our writings to life. Do you know what alliteration or onomatopoeia are?

Operetta: This year we are doing the play Dorothy in Wonderland. We are down to the point that we have no scripts and are doing the whole play as a school. The Operetta will be April 3 at 6:45 p.m. at Ryan Gym (Sacred Heart School). Before the play, afternoon preschoolers will be singing some of the songs they have learned this year. We all have fun characters such as the Queen of Hearts, Cards, Alice, Munchkins, Dorothy, Humpty Dumpty and many more!. The operetta is so much fun; we love seeing it come together each year.

Art: Art is one of our favorite classes. We have been creating our own super heroes. When we are done drawing our heroes, we will write a short paragraph detailing the powers each hero would possess. We are discovering how difficult it is to create and bestow talents on our heros; we are so blessed that God is Father and Creator!

P.E: Currently in P.E we have been creating games to teach to each other that emphasize teamwork, speed, and a lot of movement. Stop any Monday or Friday afternoon to see us in action!

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