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5th - 8th Grade - January 2022

Fifth Grade Homeroom has begun Unit 5: God Hears and Answers His People: The Lord’s Prayer. They are learning what it means to follow Jesus and how He is manifest in their lives. They will learn what discipleship is, and in what ways they can be a disciple now and in the future. They are memorizing the 5th Petition of the Lord’s Prayer this month.

In grades 5-8 Language Arts, the students completed a Verb study and will begin a unit on adjectives and modifiers. In Writing, students will expand their opinions into persuasive writings. Students are beginning a novel study within a small group. At this stage, they are evaluating the exposition, the author’s introduction of characters, setting, and the problem. We will relate this to their narrative writings. The students have been preparing for the Iowa Assessments coming up in February, with their continual study of academic vocabulary and reading passages.