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Kindergarten - December 2022

The month leading up to the celebration of Jesus’ birth is a GREAT time to be in Kindergarten! For Advent, we counted down with ornaments matching the Bible story we read daily! We also did many nativity arts, crafts, and activities.

The Christmas Program was a great success! All the students and Mrs. Sprengeler, Mrs. Mann, and Mrs. Holbrook put in a LOT of work to make that happen.

The kids are doing so well at working independently, and some amazing learning and growth are happening!

In Literacy, we are working hard on phonics. We have learned every letter’s sound! We have learned many sight words; it is so fun when the kids recognize them in print. A journal entry about being a wise man and one about our favorite Christmas treat is posted in the Kindergarten hallway: check it out! The book that we wrote arrived from the publisher. The kids were so excited to see their work in a professionally bound book! We did a book tour around the school and read our book to other classes.

In Math, we just completed a unit on numbers, including comparing (more, less, equal), adding one more, writing the numeral and word, etc. In STEM, we built towers out of peppermint candies and did an experiment to see what would happen if you soaked candy canes in different liquids.

Enjoy celebrating the birth of our Savior--Merry Christmas!

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