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Middle School - November 2022

Fifth grade homeroom students are beginning the third unit of One In Christ, “God the Father’s Gracious Gifts.” To kick off the unit study, we created a sunburst art piece to share with another during the holiday, our thankfulness utilizing the explanation of the First Article. In Memory will begin memorizing the Third Petition.

The 5th graders have created a Flip Board video on their opinion topic ideas along with Mrs. Hanson’s class from Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School. They also shared their reasonings for their opinions in a google meeting. They will be working together to peer review their rough drafts. Students are writing to prompts incorporating the different types of verb forms they are learning in Grammar.

Special thanks to Iowa state senator Jesse Green who is leading our 7-8th graders in a study of the book “The Pilgrim’s Promise.”

The Pilgrim's Progress, written by John Bunyan in the late 1600s tells the story of Christian and his journey from The City of Destruction (representing earth) to the Celestial City (representing heaven). We are blessed with this wonderful opportunity to discuss historical literature as well as see how it relates to our own lives.

Special thanks to former Trinity student Hunter Jennings who visited our classroom to tell us about his experience at the Coast Guard academy in New London, Connecticut. Did you know the U.S. Coast Guard is responsible for performing search and rescue missions, protecting the ocean's ecosystems, and is the nation’s first line of defense against drug smugglers. We thank you for your service Third Class Jennings!

In other news…Did you know?

  • The process of mitosis is part of the cycle of cell division. The chromosomes of a cell are copied to make two identical sets of chromosomes, and the cell nucleus divides into two identical nuclei. (Psalm 139:14 We are fearfully and wonderfully made)

  • King Hammurabi was the ruler of ancient Babylon? (Ruler at the age of 18-that’s a lot of pressure)

  • The Boston Massacre began as a snowball fight? (oops!)

  • The probability of meeting someone with the same birthday as you is 1/365? (Finding probabilities can be so much fun)

  • “The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” (innovation changes the possibilities)

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